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"Its good to see old fashioned quality and service is still alive & well"

"Ryan - Its good to see old fashioned quality and service is still alive & well. Mike Knowles with his team of trades provided us with not only an award winning MBA home but excellent quality and value for money. This was house no 18 for us, we have had built, renovated and owner built over many years. Mike built this house for us while we were still living interstate, keeping us up to date with the progress and emailing photos for us to see how it was going, nothing was too much trouble. We can't thank Mike enough for his sincere efforts, he reaffirmed our initial feelings that he was the right choice of builder for us. Thanks again Mike you deserve all the success that awaits you in the future." -

Robert & Lori Ryan - Dunbogan

"I would highly recommend Michael to others looking for a quality builder"

"I have known Michael since 2005 during which time I have engaged him to work on some renovation jobs as well as new construction projects, including a new house which has featured in the Port Macquarie “Focus” magazine due to its originality and beautiful finish. On all of these projects, Michael has been honest and hard-working, completing his work to a high standard. He has been able to deal with challenges and unknowns in a practical way, not resting until he achieves the desired result. I would highly recommend Michael to others looking for a quality builder." -

Jeff Malineack

"Working with Michael was amazing - he is a very intelligent, creative, skilful and hard working builder."

"He is honest, reliable, generous, caring - not just a fantastic builder - but also just a lovely person.

Everyone warned me about the nightmare that a renovation can be if you live in the house while it is happening. But Michael took all the worries and stress off me, made great progress every day and thoroughly cleaned up all mess before leaving the site each night. Everything went along swiftly and smoothly thanks to Michael's marvellous organisation skills, his tireless hard work and his meticulous planning.

During the whole project, Michael did not just stick to whatever was in the plan - instead he thought above and beyond and around corners to always create the best outcome for me. Doing so, he did not just create an amazingly functional home but also a stunningly beautiful looking building - down to the smallest detail.

The house now features a tasteful material mix on, in and outside, a stunning kitchen and an even better bathroom and staircase tower. The real beauty in my point of view lies in the way Michael created all those features and brought them together to a harmonious whole - all with an amazing attention to detail. Really, everywhere you look there is one of those little details that just makes you smile and the whole thing looks and feels a 'million bucks'!!

After having worked with Michael, I would recommend him without any reservations. I got to know him as a caring, thoughtful, generous, absolutely trustworthy, reliable, amazingly skilful, hard working and intelligent person with great creativity, foresight and humour.

His quote will be the one best thought through and closest to what the realisation of a quality project will cost you. Michael's outstanding work and his generosity and flexibility along the way will make it well worth it's while. I would not build with anyone else if I had to start over again." -

Stef Fetzer 

"I can highly recommend to others who are considering building a home"

"In 2013, after purchasing a block of land on the Mid North Coast of NSW, I asked a number of people in the area if they knew any good builders they could recommend. Michael Knowles was one of the names put forward and once I had had a phone conversation with Michael, I felt confident that perhaps I had found the right person for my build. Whilst I did meet with some other builders, Michael's quiet manner, his thorough preparation of costings, and his willingness to consider my numerous unusual ideas on what I wanted in my home, won him the job.

As a first time builder I was very interested in watching the process and over the time, I was a constant visitor to the site. This did not phase Michael in the least and he was always ready to answer any questions that I had. I was able to discuss products I had researched, many which were incorporated into the build, and he was able to locate numerous other products on my behalf to ensure that I achieved the home I wanted.

Michael was very thorough with his work, kept me informed of any issues arising from the inevitable delays that occur when multiple trades are involved in a build, and organised meetings on site with the tradies when I needed to be present for certain decisions. Throughout the whole process I felt part of the team and knew that I could ask Michael anything related to the building, no matter how silly that question may have been. His patience and interest in doing new and different things make him a special sort of builder in my opinion and one that I can highly recommend to others who are considering building a home...especially if it is a little out of the ordinary!" -

Sue Dorrington